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Kiamo Releases "Unpredictable" Alongside Official Lyric Video

When the first few chords of Kiamo’s “Unpredictable” play, you’re transported somewhere far away; then, the bass comes in, and you are brought right back to reality. The track is as insightful as it is appetizing, and is a sign of good things to come for the New Jersey-based artist.

Kiamo believes he represents the energy and passion of his hometown of Passaic, New Jersey, where he founded and is CEO of record label Corner of the World Records. His music is about his story, it is about his friends’ stories, and it is meant to ignite a passion for music in others, not just himself.

With this newest single “Unpredictable,” the driven R&B artist explores the unpredictability of life—“Things don’t always go how you know / Friends don’t always stay, some will go,” repeats the refrain, backed by an acoustic guitar and a deep, reverberating bass. With the chorus, Kiamo proves his chops when it comes to his steady and clear vocals.

The song is accompanied by a brief lyric video, which, as simple as it may be, is effective. The needle drops on to the record, and the song starts, with energetic flecks of paint darting across the scene. The lyrics have just as much character, vibrating and dancing to the beat.

In the second verse, Kiamo breaks down a story he has with hip hop legend “O.C.” In the story, the two artists are in the backseat of a car, talking about the concept of loneliness, and how it is a blessing to get old.

Kiamo’s own wisdom is shown in the verse “If you don’t cut it off / It won’t grow.” This lyric alone shows how willing he is to do whatever it takes to become great, and how dedicated he is to following his dreams. In fact, these are dreams that few others can achieve—or even have, as shown by his lyric “You ain’t never dream like this.”

The hip hop and R&B artist is currently working on his third and upcoming album “La Costa Nostra,” which will be Kiamo’s first official studio album. It will be distributed through his label Corner of the World Records with the help of his management team Lord Ent. The album will be released Fall 2021.

Throughout “Unpredictable,” it is obvious that Kiamo is equal parts dreamer and achiever. Some people will spend their whole lives dreaming and never achieve anything, while others spend their whole lives achieving someone else’s dream. Not Kiamo. More than a simple recording artist, Kiamo is destined for greatness.

Check out the full "Unpredictable" lyric video below!


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