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J Thuro unleashes calculated rage and passion on ‘Hold Up’ from his critically acclaimed ‘Writers Bl

J Thuro lyrically illuminates the minds of music enthusiasts, millennials, and pure Hip-Hop lovers on every verse of ‘Hold Up.’ Creative intensity is an intangible few artists display on records.

Understanding how to balance wordplay, raw emotions, and ingenious music talent requires a ‘Championship DNA’ bloodline. The amazement of the J Thuro’s track ‘Hold Up’ lies within its versatile mass appeal. The music captures the heart and soul of any listener, no matter the race or nationality.

When he says, “the focus is loot, doing donuts in the coupe, fresh air the top of the roof, boy shining check the sun, hit my jewels.” Julius Caesar said, “be thine own self be true” ‘Hold Up’ speaks nothing but ‘truth.’ C/O Writer’s Block by J Thuro on Apple Music: Click Here


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