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Do You Value Who You See?

There is something many people fail to consider when approaching their date, their romantic partner, and dare I say even their spouse. It is of vast importance, and in my opinion, NO romantic commitment should begin without this element being fully comprehended and applied. I genuinely do not care who doesn't agree with me, but the folk will feel it from those who do not learn.

Your Perception of You Holds Much Romantic Weight!

Let's start here do you see yourself?

When you look in the mirror, are the thoughts that sink in positive or negative? Do you find yourself down in spirits when you finish talking to yourself (we all do that at some point), or do you feel energized and immovable?

You should ensure that you feel highly when you consider who you are, and allow enough of that energy to pour over your partner.

Photo Credit: @LoveGoalssssss via Twitter

No man or woman deserves to be seen as unworthy, or useless in romance. Omitting personal issues within romance, when you seek to be involved in a healthy relationship, you should consider how special your partner is to you. There should be a constant reminder for such a truth, because debates become arguments when you forget who you're talking to (and anger consumes the parties involved).

In sports, yelling at your teammate will produce worse results in-game, than encouraging them with affirming adjectives and labels. If your partner doesn't feel like a partner to you based upon how you speak or act towards them, then their attitude will shift you to a spot you'd prefer not to be in.

What's that phrase again? "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Releasing Sanctuary-Treatment

A woman who understands that you value who she is, will give you everything & anything you could ever want or need (within her power & within reason). This is NOT a call to pretend that you get her, so that you can get what you want out of her. Don't be that guy/chick! Understand however, that she desires security, freedom, and more, which your treatment of her will dictate that they have or haven't been given. The way you see her greatly affects how you treat her. In recognition of their spiritual enlightenment, some women have commanded to be addressed as goddesses. Calling them a Queen is nearly as if an insult. Some people choose to not address them that way, but regardless of choice, the level of respect must be understood. The women who feel that you SEE them beyond the physical limitations comprehend more than you think; whether you're in awe, shock, turned on, or curious, women will take note.

How do you see yourself? How do you see your partner?


Have a blessed day, reader, and thank you for reading.

- Mr. Wright


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