Dev Syn Presents: “4 Seasons”

Dev Syn is the new wave. The world needs these New York youngin’s who bring a fearless approach to hiphop, and have no problem developing their artistry on their own terms. Dev Syn adds an amazing touch of personality and individualism every time he releases music. His current brainchild is a series of EP’s entitled “4 Seasons”, where Dev reflects on the inner thoughts and changes in mentality as time flows through its natural motions.

Which you have to admit, isn’t the typical hiphop theory when it comes to conceptual projects.

But all in all, Dev Syn holds the torch for a long line of vibrant artists and creators. Running with a group of emcees and creatives called “Ins.i.ght”, it will be an interesting experience to see what happens next. Until we have the opportunity to peep the next project (which is set to release in the next few months) definitely check out Dev’s most recent “4 Seasons” Ep.