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Christian crowdfunding site raises over $520,000 for Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot and killed two individuals during the demonstrations held to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin last month is being showered with many donations.

It is reported that a Christian crowdfunding site called GiveSendGo has raised more than $520,000 for the incarcerated teen. The page is being sponsored by a group called “Friends Of The Rittenhouse Family” based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Kyle Rittenhouse just defended himself from a brutal attack by multiple members of the far-leftist group ANTIFA — the experience was undoubtedly a brutal one, as he was forced to take two lives to defend his own,” the page read.

“Now, Kyle is being unfairly charged with murder 1, by a DA who seems determined to capitalize on the political angle of the situation,” the page continued. “The situation was clearly self-defense, and Kyle and his family will undoubtedly need money to pay for the legal fees. Let’s give back to someone who bravely tried to defend his community.”

Allegedly, Rittenhouse shot and killed two protesters last month and also injured another, soon after Blake was shot by a cop seven times. Video clips were released from that night showing Rittenhouse running away, carrying his gun and saying, “I just shot someone”.

The 17-year-old has been charged with reckless homicide, attempted intentional homicide, two counts of recklessly endangering safety and possession of a dangerous weapon while under the age of 18.

On Sep. 25, he virtually appeared for his extradition hearing. A judge was to decide if Rittenhouse must be kept in his home state of Illinois or transferred to Wisconsin to stand trial. The ruling will be given at his next hearing, which is scheduled for Oct. 9


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