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Chaotic When Not Confident

The Blockade of Many Things

I wanted to write this to keep you abreast about what many people have been doing to themselves, and I am certain that you understand why this is a problem. Being insecure and not having confidence is essentially problematic. You see it at times in your own journey, and it's definitely noticeable in the lives of others.

Musical performances, recitals, speeches, sermons, spoken word lounges, and talent shows all have been heavily tied to stories of people "choking" on stage. When you get too nervous and cannot muster up enough confidence, the art to be presented takes a dive into an ocean, which is full of failure and regret.

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Not being secure of yourself GREATLY has an impact on your romance.

The distance from approaching a woman to committing to her, can be drastically affected by how confident a person is to walk up and approach. That also said, if the individual is intentional and genuine, the woman has to be confident enough to know that she deserves the BEST she can ever receive.

I had one ex tell me that she wishes she could see her the way I see her. I don't believe it takes several scientists, professors, and hyper-focused scholars to assess the root of that statement. She wasn't as confident in her beauty as I hoped she would be, and it did affect our relationship to a specific degree. We all know that a person can be TOO confident though....let's stay away from that area.

When insecurity has a hold on you, the outlook you have on your situations, dreams, and routine movement takes a figurative slap to the cheek. You place less effort into your work, pull back on the energy you give to your days, and you distance yourself from your partner. I'm going to focus on that last point, and by now I STRONGLY assume you know why.

As a woman who is insatiably beautiful (I need you to know that you are), you cannot be your greatest weapon & be disgusted with yourself simultaneously. That's not a thought that coincides with realistic ideas.

When it comes to love, you MUST be confident with who you are. Even when you are at your low points, you have to remember that those points are temporary time lapses. They will not remain! When you can see the best version of you, the chance of you achieving loftier goals romantically, increases in a tremendous manner. That also being noted, you also are in a better space to defend your heart from men & women you know aren't good for your spirit. Nothing romantically says insecure (or sometimes fear) like staying in a jacked up, trauma-filled, headache causing, break-their-jaw level relationship. Now tell me, as wonderful a being as you are, why would subject your spirit to intentionally sadistic demons, who are showing you that you're nothing to them but a target?

GET OUT OF THAT MADNESS if that's currently you!

Being secure in yourself & your identity isn't just's absolutely necessary. That's more necessary than eating blue cheese with your boneless, BBQ chicken wings (yes lawd)! Knowing who you are gives you confidence in your romances. You are a limitless vessel when you know YOU CANNOT BE DUPLICATED! Know yourself, know your worth, and don't let anything demote that understanding. Incomparable blessings to you!

~ a gentleman named, Mr. Jose Wright, Jr.


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