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LOCAL: A Rising Star “Official King Adams” 

Life has no limitations; except the ones you make. And we’re going to talk about one such amazing and inspiring personality called OfficialKingAdams. Being a CEO, entertainer, entrepreneur, manager, and promoter, he is dynamic and focused on only one thing; success. Truly passionate and dedicated towards his goals, he has been grinding hard and has created a big name for himself in a very short period of time. With an energy and drive to improve and evolve himself every day, OfficialKingAdams radiates pure positivity and power. His never-give-up attitude and a desire to achieve it all surely makes him a rising star!

Hailing from Old Bridge, New Jersy, OfficialKingAdams started his career while he was still in college. He began with throwing house/college parties at Rutgers University, where he was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The events were a big hit and were always packed with an energetic crowd. Soon, people started recognizing him and his talents and it gave him a good name and reputation. And after graduating in 2018, OfficialKingAdams joined a concert company and started making some amazing skits. His talents and creative energies are what drew people towards him, and mesmerized everyone. While his purpose and drive in life are to just work hard and keep hustling, he aims to achieve and live all his dreams. Soon after, OfficialKingAdams joined the concert company Craven Entertainment as the artist showcase manager.

OfficialKingAdams is constantly on the lookout for new and rising talent, as he believes everyone deserves a chance and opportunity in life. With a creative and passionate drive to excel in life, he is one of a kind. He has been associated with Craven Entertainment since its inception and has contributed with pure passion and love towards its success. The team of OfficialKingAdams consists of getting artists, getting promoters, and building a brand with a fan base. His advice to someone who is just starting out is to keep grinding, don’t ever give up, and surround yourself with people who have the same passion as you and want to genuinely see you do well.

With a creative soul and desire to achieve it all, OfficialKingAdams is planning to open up a recording studio for all the local artists of Jersey as he wants to provide and create opportunities for upcoming talent. It will benefit and inspire a lot of people who can now dream and work hard towards their goals. And on top of opening up a studio, he is coming out with his own clothing line called “Hood Richh”, which will consist of hoodies, shirts, beanies, shorts, boxers, thongs, and much more.

OfficialKingAdams has had a remarkable career and over a span of three years, showcasing his dedication and passion towards his career and goals. He is truly an inspiring personality and we can’t wait to see what he has next in store for us! So make sure to check out his amazing work and follow him on his social media to be updated with the latest news.

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