A King of Kings: King Juelz

I've been know to pass a Philly like it's Delaware, but never knew there were so many dope raps coming out of the First State. The emcee King Juelz is not only one of the most incredible musicians this side of the Water Gap, but his entire aesthetic is as unique as they come.

Back in October, King Juelz released a 7-track banger entitled "Me vs Me" which was an abrasive style of hiphop delivered in an extremely professional way. His single entitled "GML" aka Get Me Lit was a further representation that King Juelz is both solid in his specific lane and one of the best when it comes to vocal tones and flow. There is a certain presence that only the best emcees have everytime they get in the booth and start to talk that sh*t! And without a doubt, King Juelz is most definitely in that upper Echelon. Peep.