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3 Steps To Achieve Your Goals

December comes around once a year and so often, we reflect upon our year and either feel like we've slayed the year, and our goals/resolutions, or we feel defeated because another 12 months have passed and here we still are with a long list of "I want to's"

I don't want that for you!

So first of all let's talk resolution versus goal. Resolutions are dreams. They aren't often well defined, they don't have actionable actions, nor do they have real hard deadlines.

A goal without a date is a dream.

But a true, GOAL that is set with actionable steps, time in your calendar to work on the actionable steps, focused time to work on your goal(s), celebrating the wins - even the small ones, and repeating the system over and over to continue to grow. Grow in your business, your life, personally.

So...3 simple steps to achieve your goals:

ONE: Set clear goals!

  1. What is a clear goal and how do I set it?

  2. Use the SMART goal system

  3. S=specific

  4. M=measurable

  5. A=actionable

  6. R=relevant

  7. T=time sensitive

An example of this is the goal of losing 10 pounds in 90 days. This is a SMART goal. It is specific - 10 pounds. Measurable - you will know if you have lost 10 pounds in 90 days, or if you didn't. You know that to stay on track for 90 days, you need to lose 3.333 pounds per month. Actionable - you can break this into smaller pieces to work towards (such as action 1 - clean all of the junk food out of your house, action 2 - replace with snacks you love that are healthy, setting yourself up for success. Relevant - this is personal in this case, but let's say that it is because you want to fit into your pre-baby jeans. Time Sensitive - 90 days is the deadline.

This is one example. And a side note - make sure you aren't setting habits as long-term goals. But that is a different topic :)

Get organized with a calendar and/or journal

TWO: Set aside time in your calendar!

  1. What gets scheduled gets done.

  2. When you break goals into small actionable steps, and you work on them daily/weekly/monthly you make progress!

  3. When you take small steps consistently, you move the needle and before you know it - you've knocked your goal out of the park!!

Review Your Goals

THREE: Review! Review! Review!

  1. You have to review your goals to keep them forefront and see if you are making progress, or if the goal is no longer relevant to you (this happens! let it! Create a new goal and move on!) Zero guilt or shame! Those feelings are fear-based and do not serve you!

  2. Write your goals down!

  3. Review your goals every week at a minimum!

  4. Daily review is better until working on them becomes a habit.

Your goals should stretch you, make you excited, fill you with passion! If you don't feel this way about your goals, I would love to offer you a strategy! Just send me an email at with the subject line GOALS. Be sure to let me know your top 3-5 goals, and what your struggle is and I will reply, personally, with a strategy for you - absolutely free! I want to see you crush your goals and I am here to serve you in doing so!

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