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Samad Savage: Trust The Weird Kids

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

From the beginning Samad Savage sets the tone for this eclectic and uniquely authentic rap album. If the thought that real rap was dead has ever crossed your mind, he is here to make you think twice. From metaphorically packed bars, to dense allusions, Savage proves his lyrical and melodic genius. One could say that the Kendrick, Kanye, and Eminem vibes were very much present throughout the album, and as such, a very refreshing sound in today’s heavily saturated hip hop market. You can literally hear the time and effort that went into this project as the quality of his sound, storytelling, and musical composition fuse together to translate this story of self love, acceptance, and staying true to one’s authenticity. To get the full scoop on the message, inspiration, and intention behind this album watch the full interview here.

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