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Bee Papino

Bee Papino is not just a serial entrepreneur by chance, but a woman who has a vision behind every innovation and passionately enjoys being an entrepreneur. Equally passionate about media and the entertainment industry, she has been here for the past five years and worked with both the old, new, and aficionados of the entertainment industry alike. Ms. Bee is enlightened and delights in keeping businesses informed. With a keen eye for recognizing top-notch and promising talents, she has worked with numerous entertainers, especially artists, DJs, and producers. She is best known for her approach-ability and refined approach towards the entertainment business.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has kept her afloat in her business, but Bee soars in her enthusiasm for giving people a platform to shine. In 2012, she master-minded, “Jersey Turn't Up Ent,”, now known as "We Are Jersey", which is an all-inclusive  media and entertainment company based out of northern New Jersey. Later on, Bee inspired another establishment, “We Are Jersey Magazine,” a publication that supports all fast-rising Jersey talents while providing a solid foundation for those who want to make a difference in the field of entertainment. It had its debut release in September 2014. Under the same tentacle, she began the Jersey Diamondz Models, a model agency in March 2015. Generally, her company aims to give individuals a welcoming environment in which they will be able to receive full services in a one-stop entertainment establishment. She is not merely the best the in the game but gained tremendous recognition for the New Jersey's Best in Entertainment Company Award for 2019 by New Jersey's Black Business LLC. Recently, she joined the realty industry, working as a Realtor.

Bee has got artists and other talents in the entertainment industry covered with quality and top-notch professional services ranging from photography, consultation, videography, PR, and marketing, amongst others. Her team includes DJs, photographers, videographers, models, graphic designers, public relations, amongst others. She understands that entertainers need to evolve due to the high competition in the market. For that reason, she draws upon her wealth of knowledge and experience to help these individuals reach their target audience, hone their skills, and expanding their base. Bee enjoys working collaboratively with people but dedicates her hustle to the success of these people. 

A lifelong hustler and motivation to everyone she comes across, Bee continues to seek more ways to serve entertainers better. Besides giving them a platform to stand on, she inspires them to improve their craft and stay creative. She is a creative individual and continues to innovate ways to help talented people succeed. Bee is a huge foodie. When she’s not working, Bee enjoys trying out new food.

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